Valentine Day

You are what I need in my life. Just keep loving me, I will keep loving you, and the rest will fall in place.
Wishing you happy valentine day!


Men in Kitchen – Aha

There’s a pervasive notion that when women cook, it’s a chore, and when men cook, it’s an art. Like child-rearing abilities, cooking skills seem to some people to come standard in anyone hoping to ever be a capable wife or mom, but they are perceived as a special extra feature in men.
~Ashley Fetters Article,
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Choice has outcome

Once you realize that every choice — even small ones — will yield an outcome, you can then decide which outcomes you want. No choice is free. Every choice is tied to an outcome. Thus, every choice has meaning. The final consequence (and cost) of every choice is TIME! You can’t get your time back. Of course, you can course correct. You can learn from past mistakes. You can solve problems. But there is always a cost. Once you realize that, you’re far more sensitive about spending time on non-essential activities.
Source: Benjamin P Hardy in Personal Growth on, Image: