It’s Junk food. So what?

On May 4, Mr Gorske ate his 30,000th Big Mac at the same restaurant where he first ate McDonald’s signature burger in 1972. Mr Gorske first set the Guinness World Record for eating 28,788 Big Macs in 2016. He had said then that he typically bought his Big Mac burgers in bulk each week (over a dozen of them!) and microwaved them at home. He admitted that Big Mac burgers make up about 90 percent of his diet.
“I love the patties, I love the sauce, I can’t get enough of it,” he told The New York Post, insisting he’s healthy despite his rather… umm… unhealthy fast-food laden diet. “I’m healthy as a horse. I weigh 190 pounds, and my cholesterol is 165,” Mr Gorske said. “I’m better than normal.”
According to McDonald’s own nutrition calculator, one Big Mac burger contains 540 calories.
Source: Business Insider


Earth Day 2018 – Plastic in us

The nonprofit Orb Media found plastic fibers in 83 percent of drinking water samples all over the world.
In a separate investigation published this year, it found microplastic particles in 93 percent of the bottled water samples it tested (250 bottles from 11 leading brands including Dasani and Aquafina).
_Happy Earth Day
Source: Vox


Optimism is a choice, Happiness is a choice, Giving back is a choice, Forgiveness is a choice, Being honest is a choice, Spoken words are choice, Teaching others is a choice, Showing gratitude is a choice, Respecting others is a choice.

Living a recommendable life is a choice.
Source: farbodsaraf on twitter

A Study on internet users

A survey conducted by Akamai showed that half of Internet users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less, and is very likely to abandon a site if it is not loaded in 3 seconds.

79% of shoppers who have had difficulty buying online would never buy from that site again. And half of them would tell their friends about the unpleasantness of their experience.

A recent study showed that a 1 second delay causes a 7% drop in conversions, 11% in page views and 16% loss of customer satisfaction.